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Our Services

Description: Description: dot.jpg (4777 bytes)Power Engineering Training
Training Programs Offered And Conducted:
Power Engineering Fundamentals Seminars
Power Engineering Advanced Seminars
Plant Specific O&M Training Programs

Description: Description: dot.jpg (4777 bytes)Power Engineering Training Material
On-line and CD-ROM-based learning for 5th through 1st Class (through Power Engineering Training Systems)
Training Manuals

Description: Description: dot.jpg (4777 bytes)Operations & Maintenance
Procedures Review & Updating
O&M Personnel Evaluations
Interim Operations Support
Plant &/or Systems Commissioning

Motor Control Ladder Logic Drawings
Variable Speed Control Applications
Economizer Cycles For Boiler & Chiller Systems
Piping & Instrumentation Drawings
Systems Reviews For Energy Conservation
Project Management From Concept To Completion

Description: Description: dot.jpg (4777 bytes)Consulting Services

Description: Description: dot.jpg (4777 bytes)Personnel Support

Description: Description: dot.jpg (4777 bytes)Energy Conservation Surveys

Description: Description: dot.jpg (4777 bytes)Documentation Development
Operating Procedures
Maintenance Procedures
System Descriptions
Start-Up & Test Procedures
System Commissioning & Turnover Documentation

Power Engineering Training Manuals
Supports NIULPE Licensing Prep
Used As Basis For Power Engineering Seminar Training
Developed Utilizing All NAPE References

Description: Description: dot.jpg (4777 bytes)Products Offered
Power Engineering Seminar Training Manuals
   Supports NIULPE Licensing Prep
   Used As Basis For A&A Power Engineering Seminar Training
Comprehensive Power Engineering Training Systems
Correspondence Courses
Computer Based Education CDs
On-Line Learning
All Of Which Prepare Users On The Technical And Practical Essentials That Are Required For The 4th,3rd ,2nd ,1st & Chief Class License Candidates
Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers (Preferred Vendor Is Alpha Laval. Other Brands As Specified)
AC Variable Speed Drives (Preferred Vendor Is Danfoss. Other Brands As Specified)
MicroTherm Computers
Reduces Fuel Burn By Computing Economy Factor
Developed In Sweden About Nine Years Ago
Works On Three Basic Principles
Off Time Is True Indication Of Load
All Boilers Are Oversized
When Boiler Fires, Longer Firing Time
Enhances Burn Efficiency
New MicroTherm Computer Pricing Requirements
(As dictated To All Distributors And Resellers By MicroTherm Corporation)
Option A - Single Purchase $2,900.00 each In increments of 1-5 Units Per Order
Option B - 6 to 24 Units $2,700.00 each In Batches of 6 Per Order
Option C - 25 to 75 Units $2,600.00 each In Batches of 25 Per Order
Option D - 100 Units Per Order $2,300.00 each
Option E - 200 Units Per Order $2,200.00 each

All training for Clients personnel is at the rate of $155.00 per hour, plus expenses.

NONE OF THE ABOVE PRICING INCLUDES INSTALLATION.  (Most Installations Cost From $450.00 To $550.00 Per MicroTherm Unit)

Description: Description: dot.jpg (4777 bytes)Standard Consulting Rates & Charges
$155.00 Per Related Man-hour
Expenses, Reasonable & Actual
$0.585 Per Project Related Mile
All International Air Travel Business Class
Meals Covered By Per Diem Of $75.00 / Assigned Personnel
Receipts Provided Only For Airlines & Lodging
Power Engineering Fundamentals Seminar
Is $1,750.00/Trainee In Roswell, GA
Advanced Power Engineer Seminar
Is $2,250.00/Trainee In Roswell, GA



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