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Energy Conservation Surveys

We offer energy conservation surveys and assistance in implementing any fixes associated with our findings and/or recommendations. Some of our standard surveys include but are not limited to:

         Lighting Retrofits, including T-12ís, T-8ís, and T-5ís electronic ballasts.

         Chiller Operations, including reciprocating, centrifugal, and absorber types. We assist in determining optimum settings for fine-tuning to the most efficient conditions.

         Hot Water and Steam Generator (Boiler) assessments. We provide fine-tuning, scale reduction and minimization, as well as emission compliance.

         Air Handling Unit operations, including variable air volume controls tuning, and differential temperature best values settings, and velocity control for efficiency and noise reduction.

         Electric power usage reduction, as well as real time pricing (RTP) schemes, interruptible power agreements (IPA), Stand-By or Emergency Power Systems testing and power distribution panel load equalization for increased reliability.

         Sewer Credit Planning, including cooling tower (CT) make-up, CT chemical treatment schemes, fountain evaporation rates and associated make-up.

         Duel Fuel versus Single Fuel determinations.

         Variable Speed Control schemes versus across-the-line operations of pumps, fans and chillers to take advantage of the affinity laws associated with rotating equipment.

         RAWAL APR Controllers versus hot-gas by-pass types of HVACR control schemes.

         Overall evaluations of central energy plants versus unitized energy schemes.

         Training of O&M personnel to take maximum advantage of installed equipment design parameters for maximum efficiency of operations.

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